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Demand that your Senator and Lt. Gov. Reeves stand with Mississippi voters and reject SB 2771 and personhood!

Personhood is back!  Urge your Senator to reject SB 2771!

Last November 58% of Mississippi voters rejected efforts to insert government into decisions best left to a woman, her family, her doctor and God. 

It is time to remind our elected officials that Mississippians said no
SB 2771 started out as a measure to protect Mississippi children. Then Representative Gipson amended the bill to include language that, if implemented, could have largely the same effect as personhood.  
The new version of SB 2771 could affect the use of birth control, infertility treatments and abortion by creating a new definition for child homicide that includes "circumstances where the killing, although without malice, was intentional and not accidental."  Because Mississippi's homicide law already defines life as beginning at conception, this new child homicide law could apply to birth control, and infertility treatments like IVF, not just abortion
This is an insult to Mississippi voters, women and families. 
SB 2771 is heading back to the Senate, where members will accept or reject the changes made to the bill in the House. 
Demand that your Senator and Lt. Governor Tate Reeves reject personhood in the form of this amended bill.
Women's health issues deserve better consideration than a last minute amendment from a Representative who refuses to give up on his extreme, anti-woman agenda.
Please act now!

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