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Kansas Reproductive Health Bills 2012

Last Updated 02/20/12 






HCR 5029

Rep. Garber, et al

Personhood Constitutional Amendment

HCR 5029 would amend the Kansas Constitution to grant "equal protection" from "the moment of fertilization" and grants so-called personhood rights for fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses. This amendment would no only ban all abortions, but also has unclear consequences that my result in bans and restrictions to certain forms of birth control, in vitro and other ferility treatments, and potentially VBACs and home births. Similar amendments have been defeated by voters in Colorado and Mississippi. If this bill passes the legislature, it would go to a popular vote.

01/18/12 - H Intro
01/19/12 - Referred to H Judiciary

HB 2523

House Federal & State Affairs Committee 

Birth Control Refusal & Referral Denial

Creates 2 expansions to current refusal statutes: 1) Expands right of a medical provider to refuse to participate in a procedure from "any procedure that terminates a pregnancy" to any service the provider "reasonably believes may result in the termination of a pregnancy," placing belief above science. According to testimony delivered in Committee, this would include all forms of birth control, emergency contraception and any treatment of a pregnant women that may cause her to miscarry. 2) Expands the right of refusal to allow a medical facility (hospital) to prohibit a provider from offering a referral, even if the physician believes it is in the medical interest of the patient, a direct conflict with a physicians professional and ethical responsibility.

01/24/12 - H Intro
01/25/12 - Referred to H Judiciary
02/15/12 - Hearing in H Judiciary

HB 2579

House Federal & State Affairs Committee

Abortion Ban "Trigger" Bill

This "trigger law" would immediately ban all abortions in the state of Kansas if Roe or Griswald are ever overturned. Appears to also create a new presedent in Kansas that gives a woman's male partner the right to intervene in or block her from obtaining an abortion.

101/31/12 - H Intro
02/01/12 - Referred to H Judiciary

HB 2598

House Federal & State Affairs Committee

Omnibus Abortion Restriction Bill/

Named the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" by Rep. Lance Kinzer, this bill contains 68 pages of abortion restrictions and tax code changes. The 1st part of the bill is a sweeping overhaul of abortion restrictions in Kansas that will: require providers to tell women abortion causes breast cancer (refuted by every major medical and cancer organization in the US); require physicians to violate their professional and ethical obligations; allow physicians to lie to women about medically complex pregnancies; bans Planned Parenthood from providing education services; and requires the physician to play the fetal heart beat for the woman even if she refuses. Part 2 creates 12 new business, personal income and sales taxes, by eliminating tax credits for health insurance that includes abortion coverage, medical expenses that include abortion, and charitable expenses by or donations to a nonprofit that providers abortion.

02/01/12 - H Intro
02/02/12 - Referred to H Fed & State
02/15/12 - Hearing in H Fed/State

HB 2760


 Title X Defunding Budget Amendment (in House Budget)

This budget amendment makes Planned Parenthood in Kansas ineliglble to receive federal Title X family planning funding. The language of the 2013 House Budget Title X defunding amendment is identifical to the 2012 language currently enjoined as unconstitutional in the case of PPKM v. State of KS. It is unclear why the House would continue to advance an unconstitutional measure whiel litigation on that measure remains ongoing.

02/20/12 - H Intro
02/21/12 - Referred to H Appropriations

SCR 1614 Sen. M. Pilcher-Cook (R-10)

Resolution Honoring Crisis Pregnancy Center

A resolution honoring the work of crisis pregnancy centers "protecting the sanctity of life and the health of women." According to the 2003 Congressional Waxman Report, CPCs reoutinely employ deceptive practicie and provide medically inaccurate information to intimidate and scare women considering abortion.

02/23/12 - S Intro
02/29/12 - Referred to S Ways & MEans








SB 91


HB 2754

Senate Health

EC Information in the ER

Requires information about emergency contraception be included in the information given to sexual assult victims in emergency rooms.

02/03/11 – Intro
02/04/11 – Referred to S Health & Welfare
02/02/12 - ReReferred to S Judiciary
02/10/12 - Hearing in S Judiciary