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In this edition of the MONITOR: find out more about the upcoming 2014 Missouri State legislative session and the four pre-filed bills that could severely impact women's health in Missouri.

Also in this edition of the MONITOR: December 23 rd is the insurance enrollment deadline for coverage on January 1st under the Affordable Care Act, the Columbia City Council comes out in support of Medicaid expansion, and more!

Tim Lumpkins
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Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri

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Monday December 23rd, 2013
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Missouri legislators are allowed to “pre-file” bills in December and many of those legislators have used that opportunity to get an early start on playing politics with women’s health.

Senator Sater (R-29) has filed SB519.  Currently, a woman seeking an abortion must complete the informed consent process with a treating physician at least 24 hours in advanced of the procedure.  SB519 would extend the waiting period from 24 hours to 72 hours. There is no medical reason to extend this waiting period other than to make it more burdensome for women to access abortion services.

HB1103 has been filed in the house by Rep. Gatschenberger (R-108). This bill ensures Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) can NEVER be regulated by any political sub-division.  The primary function of a PRC is to get a woman to continue her pregnancy regardless of her individual circumstances. PRCs are on record providing false and misleading information designed to coerce vulnerable women. PRC’s are not required to provide medically factual or accurate information nor are they required to protect the privacy of women seeking their services.  In contrast, abortion providers adhere to more than 30 laws, regulations, and unnecessary restrictions, including providing state-mandated information to women seeking abortion services, mandatory delays, and a narrow list of licensed personnel who may provide the counseling.  This bill would place PRCs above the law and prevent any authority from trying to protect the health and privacy of women seeking PRC services.

In addition to protecting these PRCs, Rep. Engler (R-116) has filed HB1132.  This bill increases the amount of tax credits for contributions to pregnancy resource centers available in each fiscal year to $2.5 million.  To fully protect women’s health and privacy, legislators who want to increase tax credits from the state of Missouri going to PRC’s should, at the very minimum, require PRC’s to protect women’s privacy and provide medically accurate information.

The fourth pre-filed bill is HB1148 by Rep. Hicks (R-107).  This bill states that, “an abortion cannot be performed or induced until the woman obtaining the abortion certifies in writing that an active ultrasound has been conducted and reviewed with her, allowing her to view and receive a copy of an image of the unborn child and hear the heartbeat if the heartbeat is audible." Missouri law should not be used to force a woman to view an ultrasound against her will. When politicians try to  force a doctor to use an ultrasound for political — and not medical — reasons we know government intrusion has gone way too far. 

The bill sponsors include: Representatives Jones (R-110), English (D-68), Hurst (R-62), Wilson (R-12), Kelley (R-127), Muntzel (R-48), Bahr (R-102), Schatz (R-61), Gatschenberger (R-108), Schieffer (D-41), Walker (R-3), Black (D-117), Harris (D-118), McCaherty (R-97), Swan (R-147) and Rehder (R-148).


On December 16th, the Columbia City Council passed a resolution in support of Medicaid expansion.  They are the first council to do so and we hope this starts a trend across the state.  The mayor, a Republican, introduced and supported the resolution, saying the issue was too important to Columbia and they needed to let their elected officials know where they stood as a council. Way to go Columbia! Read more here 


Letter to the Editor~November 19th~St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In the letter “Many are damaged by the attempt to insure a few” (Nov. 9) the author argues that the Obamacare roll out has been “a feeble attempt to insure so few.”

Regardless of one’s opinion of Obamacare, there’s a simple way to make health reform less feeble. Missouri needs to expand Medicaid. Expansion costs absolutely nothing for Missouri over the next three years; the federal government picks up that tab and 90 percent of the cost thereafter. By refusing to expand, 260,000 hard-working Missourians remain uninsured. For perspective, a single mother of two making anything more than $3,504 annually, or 18 percent of the federal poverty level, does not currently qualify for Medicaid. That is utterly shameful.

Americans deserve the right to basic health care. But our state is passing up $8 billion of federal funding in the next three years. Denying health care to a quarter of a million Missourians who can’t currently afford it is the real epitome of a feeble attempt.

Bryan Berger • St. Louis

Submit your own Medicaid Expansion Letter to the Editor


Today is the deadline to enroll in health insurance if you want it to start January 1st! The Affordable Care Act isn’t just about helping uninsured Americans get covered, it’s about better, more affordable health care no matter what plan you are on.  If you have not enrolled by the end of today, don’t worry! See the chart below to find out when coverage will start if you apply after today. Open enrollment continues until March 31st, 2014.  Interested in meeting in person and getting assistance in enrollment? Check out these upcoming events in the St. Louis area. Contact your local Planned Parenthood for information about enrollment assistance outside of St. Louis.

Affordable Care Act Save the Dates

Planned Parenthood is hosting enrollment events at a Health Center near you!

Have questions? Call 314-531-7526 ext 358

Tuesday January 7th from 6-8PM at South Grand Health Center-3401 South Grand St. Louis, MO

Thursday January 9th 5-7PM at St. Peters Health Center-208 Mid-Rivers Center St. Louis, MO

Saturday January 11th 10-12PM at Central West End Health Center-4251 Forest Park Ave St. Louis, MO

Tuesday January 14th 6-8PM at West County Health Center-#1 Stonegate Center Manchester, MO

Tuesday January 21st 6-8PM at Central West End Health Center-4251 Forest Park Ave St. Louis, MO

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