Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri

Unnecessary Teen Consent Procedures

HB 1845 Rep. Anderson (R-131) Springfield

This bill changes the requirements for parental consent for a minor to have an abortion.

This bill adds unnecessary steps to an already comprehensive consent process.  Current state law already dictates a strict informed consent process that must be completed in person and 24 hours before any abortion services are provided, regardless of age.  Current law also mandates teens under 18 have the consent of one parent before accessing abortion in Missouri.  This bill would require the Department of Health and Senior Services to create separate, duplicative, informed consent processes for teens and consenting parents.  A woman should have accurate information about all of her options.  Information should support a woman, help her make a decision for herself, and enable her to take care of her health and well-being.  It should not be provided with the intent of shaming, coercing, or making a woman change her mind.  HB1845 clearly singles out teens and requires physicians to provide the teen with information intended to coerce and shame her into changing her mind.

Unfortunately, not all teens come from homes where good family communication is possible.  Parents rightfully want to be involved in their teenagers' lives, and the good news is the majority of teens do go to their parents when faced with an unintended pregnancy.  Yet, some teens live with violent or abusive parents and do not feel safe talking to their parents about serious issues such as unintended pregnancy.  In the real world, no law can mandate family communication.  Instead, this requirement could cause a scared teen to put her safety at risk or do something desperate that would endanger her health.

Major medical organizations oppose forced parental involvement laws.  Parental consent and notification laws are opposed by major medical groups including the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Public Health Association because research has shown they do not increase parental involvement, do not foster healthy communication, and in fact can be very detrimental to the health and safety of young women. 


HB 1845 Co-Sponsors

JONES (R-110) Eureka

DIEHL (R-89) Town and Country

HIGDON (R-11) St. Joseph

RICHARDSON (R-152) Poplar Bluff

AUSTIN (R-136) Springfield

BLACK(D-117) Desloge

SOMMER (R-106) St. Charles

CRAWFORD (R-129) Buffalo

SWAN (R-147) Cape Girardeau

ZERR(R-65) St. Charles

BROWN (R-57) Lincoln

REHDER (R-148) Sikeston

KEENEY (R-145) Marble Hill

HAEFNER(R-95) St. Louis

GANNON (R-115) DeSoto

CONWAY (R-104) St. Charles

ENTLICHER (R-128) Bolivar

POGUE(R-143) Salem

HURST (R-62) Meta

FRANKLIN (R-123) Camdenton

HANSEN (R-40) Frankford


MUNTZEL (R-48) Boonville

WALKER (R-3) Kirksville

REMOLE (R-6) Excello

ENGLISH(D-68) Florissant

FITZPATRICK (R-158) Shell Knob

GUERNSEY (R-2) Bethany

ROSS (R-142) Yukon

ALLEN (R-100) Town and Country

WIELAND (R-112) Imperial

KELLEY (R-127) Lamar

HAAHR (R-134) Springfield

FITZWATER (R-144) Potosi

MARSHALL (R-13) Parkville

MOON (R-157) Ash Grove

LYNCH (R-122) Waynesville




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